Alessandra Gets Wet

Hello there everybody! Are you eager to try something new in matters of sex? Let me tell you what we have seen the other day here at wet and puffy ! We had Alessandra around and she was with her guy and it was the first time they were going to play with some sex toys ! So we were pretty curious to see if they were going to like it or not! So we gave them a room and plenty of toys to play with! And this cutie chose one! How about seeing some deep and intense wet and puffy sexual action, shall we?

It was one of the days when they were both wet and horny and wanted to have some quality time together! So they came to our place and they wanted to spice up their sex life! And this cute blonde babe chose that dildo that she was going to use to please herself right before getting started and also during the sex round! And this sexy lady was going to stuff that pink peach of hers and on the other side this guy was going to slide his fat cock into that tiny and tight ass hole! Do you wanna hear this whole story and watch some hot action too? Check out this entire hot scene on our website! You just gotta sign up and you will have full access all around! See you soon with more hot stuff!

Wet and Puffy Alessandra

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Wet and Puffy – Nasty Aika Mai

Hi there cuties! It’s a pleasure to have you around for some more hot wet and puffy stuff! It was time for you to check us out and we thought we might show you today some more solo sex action! As it was time also as this horny chick Aika got some action too, we had the pleasure to see her trough the window and get closer just to be in touch with everything that was going to happen in there, so how about not wasting any more time and have a look at what was she going to do, shall we?

Did we got to tell you that we have a hot and horny neighbor? As every once in a while she enjoys cumming over at our place for some pleasurable time! And today we had the chance to take some hot pics as she was going to spend some relaxing and quality time with herself! Soon, we were going to see this cute babe rubbing and massaging her round and firm natural tits , as later on she was going to start stuffing that muffin’ with some sex toy and start fingering herself too! If you enjoyed our today’s update, cum around for some more hot wetandpuffy stuff every once in a while! And if you are really interested in seeing some more from where this came from, you just gotta join us and we are going to bring to you more!

Wet and Puffy Aika Mai

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Hot Alice Marshall

Another fresh week and time for us to bring you more wet and puffy scenes yet again. We get to join miss Alice Marshall this fine afternoon for a change and we can see this brown haired woman use some big toys as well to please herself. As you very well know, this place is the best place to visit when you want to see babes like this one get wild and kinky with their sex toys as they please those pussies on camera. Alice Marshall here fits the bill perfectly and we can say that there sure was some magic going down in her shoot too. Well let’s get to it and waste no time as you just need to see this adorable cutie in some action.


Well, by now you have gotten used to these settings and you can watch the sexy babe getting to play on her white leather couch. The women here seem to have a thing for leather don’t they? Well anywho, she’s also pretty quick to strip and let you see her nude body too, but it’s manly because she can hardly wait to penetrate herself with the big glass dildo this afternoon. See her squatting on the couch with legs spread nice and wide and see her admiring her superb job of pleasing her pussy with the toy as she looks down. It’s one you’ll love and do remember to check out some of the past scenes as well for some more amazing ladies!

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Wet and Puffy – Anal Rodeo

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to more new wet and puffy updates yet again. This update shows off a babe that you have gotten to see here in the past. And as you can see it’s the hot and sexy beauty with brown long hair that got wild on her white leather couch. Do be sure to check out that past scene with her as well if you happened to miss it too. Anyway, she’s back in force this week and she has more sex play that she has to get down to do without delay. It’s a simply superb gallery chock full of images of her using her toys plenty on her ass and pussy and yes, just like always you get to see it all only here.

The change comes today in the form of her new toy. It’s a big black dildo that she recently picked up and she was dying to get to use it too. Well she lubes herself nicely first and even puts on another show for you to expose her sexy womanly curves from every angle to start off. Then she spreads those long legs and the dildo goes in her cunt. Take your time to watch her moan loudly as she fucks herself fast and deep with the huge toy this afternoon. We’re sure that you’ll love it and it’s a given that she’s going to be making some comebacks in future updates too. See you again next time with another set of new images and more kinky women!


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Sexy Angelina Brooke

Wet and puffy knows just how much you guys love to see new babes with new toys every week, so to commemorate that, you get to see another simply stunning brunette here. Yes we know we had one here last week, but this cutie is even naughtier than her. Her name is Angelina Brooke and she sports long black hair. The first thing that you will most likely notice about this lady is that she has a very small stature, quite petite actually with a slender but still very hot womanly figure. Well, according to her, one thing she likes to do is to pretend that she’s so small and innocent around guys, until they get to be in bed with her all alone.wet-and-puffy-angelina-brooke

Well that’s when she admits that she shows her true colors and takes her lead. She is pretty dominant for her size but we’re sure that no guy in his right mind would deny this beauty some sexual fun. Anyway, in her scene you can see her playing solo for a change, but she still likes to get rough with her ass and pussy. To help her out she has a dark pink and a yellow dildo, and of course both get used in this superb gallery. See her spreading those sexy legs of hers and watch her dildo fucking her nice and tight ass and sweet pussy at the same time in her wetandpuffy scene today. Do enjoy yourselves and drop by soon for another nice update!

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Wet and Puffy – Anna Rose’s Dildo

We’re back with our weekly wet and puffy update and another new babe that you can watch getting down and dirty on camera. This babe is a stunning brunette that wears glasses and that just gives her that nerdy air that in turn makes her even sexier. Well her name is Anna Rose and se has her nice and big dildo here along with her so that she can show you how she likes to fuck herself. Well you will see that it’s quite the girthy toy too, but this lovely lady can take it all in without any worries either. Let’s get to watch her in some wild sex action for this afternoon as we watch her pleasing her tight pussy.

In this mighty fine wetandpuffy scene, you can see miss Anna in the living room. She wants to have her fun on the black leather couch as the feel of that material on her skin just makes her even more horny…according to her at least. Well anyway, it seems to be working as she makes quick work of her outfit and whips out the earlier mentioned sex toy. It’s got all kinds of vibrant colors on it and it seems to be quite big. See Anna touching herself for a bit as she gets more and more wet and when she’s finally about to go crazy you can watch her sliding in that huge toy. Take your time to see her dildo fucking her cunt this afternoon and we’ll be seeing you next week with another update!


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Nasty Antonia Sainz

Another fresh week and time to see another new cutie in this new wetandpuffy update today. This scene features the hot and sexy Antonia Sainz. Miss Antonia is a simply gorgeous babe with short brown hair that also likes to get naughty and she’s more than happy to put a show on for you guys and the cameras to see what she’s all about better this fine day. Of course, more sex toys are employed in this scene and it’s a mighty fine view of this adorable babe pleasing herself until she cums as well. Anyway, we bet you are eager to see the sweet babe in wet and puffy action so let’s just get to it without anymore delays this afternoon.


Like all the great scenes here, this one takes place in the babe’s bedroom on her very very comfy chair. Well she has quite some stuff to show you but first order of business is getting undressed and presenting you with her mighty sexy body from every angle so that you can enjoy that view too. She sits down and spreads her legs to give you a better view of her pussy and the first thing that she wants to do, is use some prongs to show off her pussy even more. With her pussy spread nice and wide you can see her fucking her eager holes with a nice and big glass dildo this afternoon. Check it out and come back soon for more scenes!

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Wet and Puffy – Any Blackfox

This week brings a new and hot wet and puffy update and it’s time to check out another smoking hot babe. We wanted to take the time to thank you for following these updates for so long so this is a bit of a special update. With such an occasion we want to show off miss Any Blackfox and her little naughty gallery in which you get to see her pleasing her wet cunt. This blonde just adores to use her own two hands to do the job and well, if you’ve been curious to see how a sexy woman like her uses her hands for pleasure, even self given this is the perfect opportunity. Let’s get the cameras rolling and see this kinky woman play!

It’s worth noting that miss Any here packs a truly exquisite body too. You get to see it as well in focus as she strips out of her clothes and shows if off. As you can observe she has a very beautiful face with a pair of green eyes. Moving on lower, her all natural tits are big and round and rest assured that they’re always up to be played with as well. The same can be said about her sexy and round ass too and her pussy gets all tingly as soon as she starts thinking about sex too. Well watch her spreading her legs and see her starting to tease her wet pussy here at wetandpuffy. It’s a superb view to watch her masturbate on camera today and we hope to have her around in the future too!


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Beautiful Blonde Lenka

Today’s wet and puffy scene features some more of the beauties that you are used to seeing around this place. There’s another simply gorgeous woman waiting for you to see her play and please herself. This gorgeous woman’s name is Lenka and just like many other babes here she’s a natural blonde with a kink for showing off her naughty side. She is going to be doing that today by exposing to you the way that she likes to fuck her pussy with her nice and big dildo and you can watch every single image to see her do that in this wetandpuffy gallery. Let’s not beat around the bush anymore and get to it without delay!


The hot blonde knows exactly how good she looks and be sure that she likes to use that to her advantage as well to get whoever she wants in her bed. But the thing is that she’s a bit trickier to please than other babes. No worries as in this scenes she shows off some perfect technique on how to get her off so you’d better be paying attention to it today. Let’s watch her get onto her bed and see her whipping out that big glass dildo that she just adores using. You get to see her lay on her side as she slides it in and just like that you get to see this blonde beauty as she gets around to fuck her pussy fast and deep with a nice and big dildo!

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Blanche’s Huge Toy

Hey there once more everyone. You can say that this weeks wet and puffy update is truly one of a kind as you get to see yet another simply exquisite babe in some kinky scenes pleasing herself. As you know, you can see a lot of sexy and hot women here that like to play with sex toys and each and every one of them has some unique ones to put to use. This babe’s name is Blanche and it’s quite fitting since she has long white hair. The blonde wants to show off her big green toy this afternoon and you can bet that you get to see her putting it to use too in the scene. So let’s just go through with it and see this simply amazing woman in action without delay!

The cameras roll and the babe gets to enter the wetandpuffy scene wearing some very sexy and hot clothes. You get to watch the sexy and hot miss Blanche as she puts on a really hot strip tease show for you too and there’s plenty of angle shots of her that show off her sizzling hot body from every possible angle. Well she’s here to show you how she uses her nice and big dildo, so take a look at her starting that play session on the couch with it as she starts to tease her pussy. pretty soon you can watch her fucking herself nice and deep with it, stretching her pussy nice and wide as she moans. Have fun and see you soon with more amazing scenes!


See this blonde stretching her pussy with a huge dildo!