Red Sofa Love

Hey there again everyone. We’re here with another lovely little beauty that gets to show off her self indulgence skills on camera for you as you can see. She’s a very very cute looking brunette and she loves to get naughty too, that’s the reason being why you get to check out her lovely scene here today. She doesn’t have inhibitions when it comes to getting naughty and kinky and she is quite eager to put herself all nude on camera for you all to check out. So with that in mind let’s not waste time and get to see this lovely little beauty as she gets to take her time and moan in pleasure while she dildos her sweet eager pussy for your viewing pleasure!

She gets to take her time to play on her very very comfy brown leather couch and according to her, the feeling of leather pressed on her skin just makes her get more horny as well. Anyway, you can see that she makes quite quick work of her clothes in her atk natural and hairy scene and she does take her sweet time to pose around naughty and kinky as well for you. Eventually she does want to get around to please herself, so check her out laying back and enjoying herself as she fucks her pussy with that sex toy for the rest of the amazing show. We’ll return soon of course with many many more new and fresh scenes that you can check out too. Bye!

red sofa love

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Shy Anie Gets Wet

Hi folks! Where have you been in the last couple of days, cause we have been expecting you around for some new wet and puffy babes! Today we thought we might show you a fresh new babe that decided to join us! She’s a brunette, she’s pretty shy, but you’re gonna get used to it! Her name is Anie and she was going to tease some guy at his place! How about taking a peek at what happened in there, shall we?

It was a rainy day and this cute lady had nothing else to do, but to go over to this guy and start hitting on him! This dude also was inviting her over to have a coffee together! So they were both today fired up and ready to get some sexual action, just like nasty Aika Mai, but this cute babe wanted to tease him at first! And she began taking her clothes off and revealed to us her hot smoking body! Then, she was wetting that peach of hers and started moaning the moment when she penetrated herself with some sex toy! Soon it was time to get some fat cock! Are you interested in seeing this gorgeous lady getting some deep and intense time by herself and with this dude that is going to make her get that intense quality time? Feel free to have a look around and you might find more wetandpuffy scenes from where this came from! Enjoy!

Wet and Puffy Shy Anie

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Wet and Puffy – Sexy Sara Taco

Hi you! Did you get to meet this cute babe? Sara is one of our wet and puffy ladies and she is going to show to you how she enjoys spending her time in different places! It seems like her job makes her pretty excited and we are going to see her today in action as she is going to try to sell this house right before having the chance to masturbate on the couch! Let’s have a look at what else happened in there, shall we?

A new workday for this cute babe has started! This sexy lady is a real estate agent and she is going to present to some family this amazing place! But today she got pretty lucky as she noticed a glass dildo into the bedroom and wanted to play with him! So she began taking her clothes off, she made herself comfortable and then it was time to start stuffing that eager peach! At first this nasty chick teased it and then she was going to slide that sex toy in, just like Izzy plumped and out while she was also rubbing that eager clit! Curious to see the complete scene? We might give you full access all around but for this, you just gotta join us right now! So do not waste any more time and sign up on our website and you will have much more babes to watch and enjoy!

Wet and Puffy Sara Taco

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Wet and Puffy – Niki Sweet

Hello there boys and girls! Are you ready to see what else we have around? The team here at wet and puffy is around and ready to bring to you the hottest chicks! And today we chose to present to you this sexy brunette babe that was going to please her pink peach right after cumming back from the gym! There she got to meet some dude that made her peach wet only by looking at him, so now she was going to get started! Let’s see what is she going to do next! Watch cute Angela too!

Niki is her name and she enjoys spending her spare time at the gym as she really enjoys keeping herself fit! Today after having a shower and getting straight home she was going to search trough her stuff for some sex toys as she was about to lay on the floor and when the time was right this gorgeous brunette babe was going to start stuffing that big black dildo that she found into that tight peach of hers and stretch it all out! What else could she have done once feeling so fired up? So now, you are invited to see this entire scene on our website! And we are going to give you access to this entire wetandpuffy scene and full access all around right after signing up! We have some hot chicks in our special galleries that you might be interested in seeing!

Wet and Puffy Niki Sweet

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Lolly Clit

Hello people all around! We have some hot wet and puffy updates that we are going to share with you today as this cute brunette babe was willing to get some time off from work just to relax! And when she was alone in her big house she just heard the bell ring, as it was the postman with some pack that she just ordered from the internet! It was just in time in order to get some sexual action too! So let’s watch this cutie spoiling her peach, shall we?

A hot new babe is here in her day off she just wanted to relax! So today we were going to see her going at the spa and getting her nails done, but as her special pack has came earlier she thought she might stay home for some more deep and intense pleasurable time! As this sexy lady was going to stuff that anal dildo as deep as she could into her ass and kept sliding it in and out from time to time! All this was happening while this brunette babe was going to stimulate her clit over and over again! Can you imagine how this hot brunette lady climaxed? Even her neighbors could hear her! So let’s not waste any more time and share with you more excited babes to get started, so have a look around and sign up on our crazy wetandpuffy website! Enjoy!

Wet and Puffy Lolly Clit

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Hot Kristall Rush

Hi guys! Isn’t it the perfect time for an orgasmic break after all the hard work and cum around for one of the hottest and amazing wet and puffy scene? Horny Kristall is here and she is going to show to you today what she enjoys doing when she is alone in her pink room! It seems like it was time to share with us some of her intimate moments and all we had to do now was to take some pics! How about seeing her in wetandpuffy action?

As no one was around today at her place and she decided to skip some courses, we were over at her place and ready to see some sexual action! As this cute brown-haired lady was going to play with herself and with some sex toy! So we were going to tape the whole thing that took place in the living room! And after removing all her clothing items this chick got a gift from us, a glass dildo that she was going to use later on! Next thing we noticed that she began sliding it into her mouth while she was playing with her pink peach! And then she was going to start stuffing that muffin’ of hers until she was ready to climax! Willing to see more from where this hot babe came from? You might get full access all around, you just gotta sign up for more right now! See you soon!

Wet and Puffy Kristall Rush

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Wet and Puffy – Nasty Kira is Wet

Welcome guys and girls back to wet and puffy! Have you ever introduced to your family some hot chick as your girlfriend? We are going to show you what happened to this dude while he was doing the tour of his big place to this cute brunette babe! Her name is Kira and she came to meet the parents and into some room she got more than heated up and she was ready to do something more! Let’s see what happened in there, shall we?

One horny lady we have here that was going to tease this guy and the fact that his parents were around, turned her on even more! So into some room, she did lose her black dress and as she had no panties under , this sexy babe was going to spread her legs wide open and start stuffing that eager peach of hers with whatever she could find! And while this dude saw all this happening he began jerking off, so that in the end he was going to release all that juicy and nasty jizz all over her extra large tits! If you liked what we have for you today and if you wanna see some more hot stuff around here, you just gotta sign up and you are going to receive much more wetandpuffy updates around here! See you around as we have some more hot stuff to share with you fellas! Enjoy!

Wet and Puffy Kira

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Izzy Plumped

Hello! Have you had some time to relax at work in your lunch break at least? We, the team at wet and puffy like to show you as much hot content as we can so today we were going to show to you this cute brown-haired lady that was ready to have some fun after a night in the club right before getting straight to work! It was her way of relaxing and getting ready for a new day even if she was a little bit sober! So let’s enjoy her performance!

Izzy is her name and she really enjoys partying! So we thought we might show you what was she capable of after a night in the club! It seems like there was no guy eager to get her into the bed, so she came straight home to her beloved glass dildo! And after taking it out from her purse, she began wetting it and getting it ready for the penetration that was about to follow! Soon this sexy babe was going to expose her sexy ass and that wet peach too while she was teasing her pussy hole with that fake cock! Next thing we noticed is that she began sliding it in and out of that tiny and tight hole until she was rady to have that intense orgasm! Feel free to have a look around wetandpuffy and you might find what you were looking for! Enjoy!

Wet and Puffy Izzy Pumped

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Wet and Puffy – Cute Angela

Hi there ladies! Did you got the chance to see what is new around here? We have some eager wet and puffy babes that were willing to get started! Meet Angela, she is one of the chicks that decided to cum around and play with her pink peach in front of the camera! Every once in a while it’s good to change something about your life and she decided to have some fun and tease you guys! Are you anxious to see her playing with herself? Have a seat and watch her in action right now!

A new day has started and another anxious babe came at our studio ready to get some pleasure! And we were about to tape this whole thing and share it with you! At this sexy lady was eager to start doing something about that pink peach of hers! And soon it was time to start touching herself and teasing you with her hot smoking body and later on it was going to grab a black dildo from under the pillow and start wetting it, cause later on she was about to stuff that tight peach and stretch it to its limits with it! Did you enjoy this fresh new scene today? In this case, you are invited to cum around also tomorrow as we are going to share some more hot stuff with you! Cum around for more every once in a while!

Wet and Puffy Cute Angela

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Carol Blonde

Welcome fellas! Are you still thinking about what gift could you give to your girlfriend? Are you in lack of ideas? Have a look at what this cute wet and puffy blonde is going to do next with what she has just received trough some pack from her guy as he was going to be far away for a couple of weeks! Right after having the chance to open the big box, this sexy lady was willing to try them all! Let’s have a look at what happened in there, shall we?

Carol had barely woke up as it was the weekend and she was getting ready to head to a shower when there was a messenger at her door! He brought to her something that was going to fill the lack of her lover for some while! As she opened the box, she noticed all those sex toys around that she was going to have fun with! And at first, as she was almost naked, this horny babe was going to use that pink pussy stimulator just to see if she could handle all that deep and intense pleasure! Are you ready to see this sexy lady playing with herself all day long? If you wanna have access to this hot scene, you just gotta join us right now and enjoy! Don’t forget to check us out every once in a while for other hot wetandpuffy stuff!

Wet and Puffy Carol Blonde

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